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Thread: Opinions on the Weaver V-3 1x3x20mm scope?

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    Default Opinions on the Weaver V-3 1x3x20mm scope?

    I'm looking for a light weight scope and came across this one new for $189.99 on Optics Planet. Just curious if anyone uses one and what you think of it. Nice price and light at only 8.5 oz.


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    I have one mounted on a TCR '87 slug barrel. It really bucks when a 3" mag. shell goes bang. The Weaver 1-3 has held up just fine. Mine is the gloss if that helps age it.

    I bought a K6 for load development for another rifle and the quality of the glass was outstanding, so I bought the 1-3 with the same expectation. The 1-3 is not nearly as bright and clear as the K6 was. Maybe just a fluke on one of them. The 1-3 is good enough, just not as good as I'd hoped.

    A side note: I put a 2-7 RF on a 10/22 and after some time I started to see "stuff" floating around inside. I sent it in and they promptly sent me a new one that has worked just fine for many years.

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    I have used a newer K4 and also agree that its durability and quality was really good for the price. The one thing I've heard about the 1-3x (I was considering one for a while) was that it distorts around the edges when it's at it's lowest zoom level.
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