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Thread: Gulkana and Gakona

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    Default Gulkana and Gakona

    Since half of Anchorage will probably be heading down here to the Kenai, I've decided to head the other direction. Two of us are going to make our way over to Valdez with some stops for fishing along the way. Wanted to sidetrack and run up to the Gulkana or Gakona and try them out. Have never fished either of these and would appreciate any info on where to stop and fish and what might be running. (kings, reds?) Info on any other rivers along the way would be great too. Also want to fish grayling along the way, but need some help here as well.

    Thanks for the info.

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    The Gulkana should have a lot of reds in it right now. You can pretty easily fish them from the bank using a "Kenai style" casting technique. Check out the Fish and Game website to see how the fish count is. Another good river for reds is the Klutina just past Glennallen headed towards Valdez. Hope that gives you some ideas

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    Default Reds and Kings Gulkana

    We found a fair number of Reds above the forks so they are pushing into the system with some strength. Good push of fish from last night on the King Side it was a good day of fishing....

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