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Thread: 2008 Fishing Package

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    Default 2008 Fishing Package

    Howdy Y'all, new guy here from Texas.

    I need to start planning a summer of 2008 Alaska fishing trip for my brother and I, and our sons (total of 6 - youngest 13). My brother and I lived in Alaska for about 3 years. However, that was back in the late 60's and we were just kids, so I don't pretend to know much. But I do remember catching a lot of nice fish!

    I would appreciate any recommendations anyone has for a package fishing trip. With limited knowledge, these are my thoughts at this point.
    • 7 day trip, including travel.
    • Fish, Fish, and more fish. Not really interested in hiking or sightseeing for its own sake. I know how beautiful Alaska is but would like to spend as much time as possible catching fish.
    • Salmon, Halibut, trout is all good. Variety is good. Not really a fly fisher though; nor a trophy fisher. I would prefer spending all day catching a boat full of silvers, vs. all day to land one king.
    • Calendar is flexible.
    • Package deal to include lodging seems attractive, but open to options. Prefer fishing vs. traveling from place to place.
    Any and all input is greatly appreciated!


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    look into some of the full service lodges in the bristol bay area.... they are typically on a lake or river with decent fishing, and fly you out on a float plane to wherever the fish are each day. if you want to catch fish in numbers and variety then that's probably the way to go. the Nushagak is well known for lots of fish per day (kings, reds, trout, etc...)

    fishing isn't about life or death... it's more important than that.

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    Default Agree and the Kenai

    Mark good info.

    You can also look at the Kenai as well lots of B & B / Cabin rentals have package deals as well as the local lodge or two. Can't go worng with either selection Bristol Bay or the Kenai.

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    Default Try Kodiak

    Give me a call or PM. We can arrange something for you folks.

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    Nothing beats ordering and reading books about fishing Alaska. Then ordering and researching Maps, gathering and checking websites, bothering these poor people with silly questions..........then bothering them with more silly questions.........eventually evolving to the point where the questions are no longer silly, or at least not as silly.

    We leave for Alaska in just over two weeks and have 7 glorious days of inland river fishing, Lake Fishing, Ocean Fishing, Kenai river fishing and a two day jaunt on the Upper Russian planned.

    I am sure it will be a great trip, but I have to admit that a part that I have throughly enjoyed is doing the homework.

    Not by any means knocking the Guide Services, but there is something to be said about going self guided. It's almost like I've been visiting Alaska for 7 months and in a couple weeks I get to go back

    By the way three of our guys are coming out of the Sherman/Denison/Dallas area.

    Your already starting off smart, you're starting of luck!

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    Default Perfect timing...

    This is indeed the right time to plan for 2008. The state is vast, and the opportunities vary. The post on reading the guidebooks says it all. For the outsider, the newcomer, or the kid from the 60's, nothing will give you greater pleasure than your own research. Alaska is two trips, the plan and the experience.

    View this site's bookstore. Our webmaster stocks them all.

    I am flying out to Kodiak from Florida in three weeks. I'm doing it in First Class and leaving coach behind. It's all free using travel vouchers. I made those reservations over a half year ago. If I hadn't planned ahead, those seats would not be mine. That's what planning ahead is all about, and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

    I have advice on what you seek, and that will come to you in a personal message. My generalized response to you is appropiate to any who follow this thread.

    By all means, plan a year ahead...

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    Thanks everyone for the replys, PMs, and emails. Seems I have a bit of research to do. I will try to follow through with some of the suggestions given and get back with some of you. If you have any other suggestions, ideas, etc. please do not hesitate to reply, PM or e-mail.

    Thanks Again!


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