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Thread: Parks Highway Streams

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    Default Parks Highway Streams

    Looking for some helpful advice. I am going to give one of the parks streams a whirl tonight for the opener. I usually fish the Deshka so I am totally at a loss for what to use in an actual river. My thought is a spin and glo with a weight or a vibrax. Am I on the right track?

    Don't want to pay to launch at the deshka one more time and use all the gas and since I will be out in Houston for a pig roast figured I may as well fish.

    Thanks all,


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    Default smaller is better

    The highway streams get alot of pressure, so the general rule i follow is smaller is better. A simple corkie and alittle yarn or a small spin and glow allowed to drift about a foot above the bottom gets me the best results. Be sure to keep a little tension on the line, as the bite will often be very soft and short.

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    depends on a lot of things but I have had the most luck with vibraxes. I usually fish with some thing for a while then if no action I switch. Spin and glows work well in areas that they can be drifed.


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