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    Hey all,

    My name is Mike and I will be moving up to Alaska on tax day of this year. I have been shooting for a bunch of years, am former military, was an instructor, but unfortunately it was all done in California! I am excited to be moving to America in April. My wife and I are looking at purchasing in the Eagle River area due to the fact that she will be stationed at JBER. Any info/pointers you can give me on where to go to have some fun shooting or any other tips you could give me would be totally welcome!

    Thanks for any information!


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    Welcome to the forum and welcome to Alaska! I understand your views on California, being a former fruit&nut myself, but know that somes Alaskans may cringe at the thought of being equated with the other lower 47 states.

    The guys that shoot regularly should be able to line you out on where to go.

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    Welcome back the US. Well at least for now. There are plenty of opportunities to go out and fight the epic paper battle. Just depends on what type of fun shooting you are interested in. Indoor ranges are scarce, but there is one near Palmer. There are a couple outdoor pay ranges in the Anchorage area. Both are open to the public. One is run by the fish and game (Rabbit Creek in South Anchorage) and one is privately run (Birchwood Recreation and Shooting Park in Chugiak). If you decide to join Birchwood (there are mixed feelings on this forum as the point of joining) you will have access to the park from 7am to 10p 7 days a week. If not, you're at the mercy of the park hours which are severely curtailed in winter.

    There is always the great wide open shooting range some people mistakenly call the forest... LOL. There are a few spots that are "traditional" shooting areas in that they make a pretty good place to shoot so a lot of people use them. The Mat-Su valley just completed a 2 phase upgrade to one of them and actually turned it into a nice shooting park. It's called the Maud Road range. It's free to public, but people ask that you clean it up to help keep it free. There are some rules about what you can shoot there, so it's not as free as the wide open. But if you shoot in the wide open, people generally would like it if you cleaned up most of the trash. Anything within Los Anchorage City Limits is going to be tough to shoot free. It's either populated, private lands, or tough to get to and find safe space. There are also municipal ordinances that could come into play.

    If you're up for a drive, there's a shooting range on the Parks highway called the Upper Susitna Shooters Association. It's at mile 94 of the Parks highway which puts it at about 80 miles and an hour and 30 from Eagle River. Buddy of mine joined and loves the range. They offer steel targets to shoot if you don't have them and as far as I know, they are the only place that lets people borrow the steel targets.

    Most of the ranges have various competitions and such. Birchwood holds some form of shooting competition almost daily, but definitely weekly. Everything from USPSA, 3-gun, to steel challenge and skeet/trap. The indoor range in MAt-Su (Matsu Valley Shooters) has too many to post, but they also have IDPA.

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    You can use Sports Fire range on JBER on weekends when no training is being conducted as well.

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    Welcome to Alaska Mike!

    The USSA range near Talkeetna also has a 1000 yard range.

    We have a very active Project Appleseed here in South Central Alaska. We are always looking for folks to join our instructor ranks.

    We have marksmanship clinics throughout the year. Our first shoot will be in March. I will post our calendar here in the Alaska Shooting Forum when it is finalized.


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