I recently sold my 25-06 Remington and need to sell these components. There is a good bit of stuff here and would cost $300+ if purchased new. The loaded rounds in the green box are 115 Ballistic Tips and can be pulled easily and re-loaded into whatever recipe you like. Hornady SST, Barnes Tipped TSX's, Partitions, Ballistic Tips, Sierras. The jar and baggie has seconds I purchased directly from Sierra but they weigh out perfectly so not sure why they are seconds. They shoot great, no difference from first run stuff. I would like to sell this stuff all at once but I realize not everyone will like the same items so I will divide this up as needed. The bagged brass is new and the ziploc'd stuff is once fired. There is a box of Federal Fusion 120 grain loads that have 4 rounds left but that brass is very nice. They shot better in my rifle than any of my handloads! But that might not be saying much.. ha.
Anyway, shoot me a text of PM me if you're interested in any of this stuff. Thanks.