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    I'm just about to finish up wiring my e-dyne and have a 100 amp fuse (blue seas safety hub), with 4 gauge wire with 18 ft of positive and 16 feet of negative wire. Was your breaker popping on 100 amps? Was your boat running to provide additional amps?

    How heavy was your large crab pot? I'll be crabbing if it is open so I want to be prepared if the 100 amp goes. Thanks
    I think my issue was with some skinny wire, seems like most folks are doing fine with 80-100amp. Don't know exactly how much that pot weighed but it was thick rebar and a big 3x3' tall pot. Did much better with normal recreation sized pots, now it pullsa line of 4 shrimp pots with no trouble. That was when I was trying to run it off a stand alone battery which I had heard of folks doing so no input from an alternator.

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    I have a dedicated battery, group 27, just for the Electrodyne. One of the VSR's on my battery management setup charges this battery when the start battery is topped off, which it almost always is. I also have a charger hooked up to it and monitor the state of this battery. When shrimping it gets a lot of use. I use large cables, I think at least #1, and a breaker like MacGyver suggest. Before pulling my pots I make sure the voltmeter is reading at least 13 volts while charging or 12.6V at rest, so my dedicated battery has worked just fine, but I do pay attention to this battery.

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    I conducted an amperage test yesterday and here are the results for unloaded e dyne. At start up the amperage inrush current was 65-85 amps. After a few seconds it settle down to 40-42 amps.

    Here is picture of it. Thanks to the great job AKMUD did. I can't wait to use it.

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