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Thread: Chitina Reds Second Run

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    Default Chitina Reds Second Run

    When does the second run usually hit the canyon? I am hoping to plan a mid to late July run to Chitina with some buddies. Hoping for some help. Thanks.

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    Default Rumor Has It

    Rumor has it that the overlapping run is going to be a little thin this year as with all of the runs; it's not going to be the stellar magnitude it usually is. This is a 4 year for the fish (not the age but a timing device used by a few of us die-hards) and they'll be on time but not plentiful. You'll be able to get them from the Million Dollar Bridge (as long as water levels cooperate) from now until mid July.

    Kasilof and Kenai hold better, or more promising, catch rates and brighter/fresher fish. Tonight is the night to hit the Kasilof and fish all day tomorrow (although I think you'll probably see limits right before high tide tomorrow morning) and the Kenai opens on the 10th. Unfortunately that's a Monday so it's a commercial day; all day the 10th should be good but check the commercial openers for the set gillnet guys before you go down. Two years ago they had an EO the night before and day of dipnet opening on the Kenai and ticked a few thousand people off that didn't check before they went.
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