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    Starting to look into my Alaska trip this year and get things planned out. I went to the Naha last year and had pretty amazing results to say the least. This year me and a buddie are looking to capitalize more on silvers than pinks/chums. We have narrowed down our time to Mid-September time frame. I wanted to see if anybody in here could help me out with timing or advice. I am open to other suggestions but really looking on doing the Forest service cabin deal again. It was way to much fun.

    We are not totally keen on just looking into the Karta cabins, we have also looked into the Italio river cabin. I hear that place is pretty amazing for coho but not for any other types of fish.

    1. best times for coho
    2. how is the trout / dolly fishing in the Karta river
    3. any preferance on Karta Lake vs River cabin?

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    We spent the third week of July 2014 at the Karta Lake cabin.

    1. I can't speak to other times but once we figured out location and presentation we reliably caught as many Coho as we wanted.
    2. The trout fishing wasn't as good, but since we were on to the Coho we didn't spend much time chasing trout. Although I did catch a nice rainbow in the river almost up to Salmon Lake. We didn't catch a Dolly.
    3. I recommend Karta Lake cabin over the Karta River cabin.

    Karta River Pros:
    Accessible by boat
    You can fish the saltwater bay
    You can put out crab pots.
    More reliable float plane access in bad weather.

    Karta River Cons;
    No boat at the cabin.
    Practical freshwater fishing is only in the river.
    It's a 1+mile hike to the lake and when you get there you won't have a boat.

    Karta Lake Pros:
    Cabin has a boat. Bring your own motor.
    You can fish the lake, the river between Karta Lake and sea, or the river between Karta Lake and Salmon Lake. We found the silvers at the Karta Lake inlet.

    Karta Lake Cons;
    Tougher floatplane access in bad weather

    Hope this helps. We also love the forest service cabins!

    Finally, we highly recommend Seawind Aviation in Ketchikan.


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