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Thread: Klutina River Reds?

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    Default Klutina River Reds?

    Thinking about going camping on the Klutina next week. Sounds like the Reds are dying down on the Russian. Anyone know how they're running on the Klutina? If not, any suggestions on a good place to camp where there are some salmon (other than Kings (don't have a stamp)) running?

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    Default Most people are getting their fish

    I just got back to Fairbanks Thursday evening from the Klutina. Looked like most people who knew what they were doing were getting their limits. It took us about nine hours of fishing to get our three fish each on Thursday. Should have been faster, but that's fishing! We also got our limits Tuesday and Wednesday. Was a lot of fun, but more people than I personally care to encounter in the Great Outdoors were fishing there on the lower river.


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