Let me start by saying that when asked to describe Alaska all I can think of is majestic. My one regret on this trip was pressed for time. Flew from NY to Anchorage by way of Chicago. Left NY at 6:00 am 2:00am Alaska time. Arrived at Anchorage at 7:00pm. By the time we got our baggage picked up our RV and picked up provisions it was 11:00 PM when we headed towards Glennallen. Lots of daylight so why not hit the road. At about 1:30 AM almost 24 hours after leaving NY halfway to Glennallen we pulled over and bunked down for the night.

Ok arrived at Sailors pit on Saturday morning fished from the banks for a while and then went to rest. Met up with Moose and floated from Sailors pit to the bridge. Unfortunately went 0 for 2 and got skunked, despite all of Mooseís efforts. I must say Moose was very helpful and patient with us green horns. It was a pleasure to deal with someone who really knows and loves his trade!!! Would use him again in a heart beat, as soon as we set the date for the next trip Iíll book him. Got back to Sailors pit had dinner and went back to banks for more skunking. It was midnight when we gave it up and called it a day.
Sunday morning slept in till 6:30 and hit the banks at Sailors pit about 7:00, nada went down to the bridge and the skunking continued. On a side not as wading around an crossing an island I got with 15 to 20 feet of a bald eagle. I have about 10 pictures to prove it. This made it worth the price of admission. Left the Gulkana and headed for the Klutina.

Arrived at the Klutina around 1:00 or 2:00 Pm. Looked for a path away from crowds an took a long hike. Up the side of a hill at one point that could have been avoided. ARGGG. Fished till 8:00 the skunking continued. Went to dinner and quit for the day. We camped at Klutina River Campground. Monday up and at it at 4:30 am. Fished from the campground banks till about 10 or 11 nada this was starting to get frustrating, never worked so hard at fishing without anything to show for it. Watched folks across the banks catching fish, so we went across the banks. Finally my buddy landed his first red. Still no fish for me.

I decided to switch techniques and quit doing the flip thing. So I put some chartreuses yarn on a circle hook and drifted it to the spot where I saw them breaching and let it sit a bit. Sure enough one took my yarn and I landed my Red. Did this for some time and had nibbles but couldn't set the hook. Took a look at the hook and it wasn't that sharp. Changed the hook drifted the chartreuse yarn an bam! another fish for the basket.
Unfortunately I only had the flies and didn't have any more hooks or a hook sharpener with me the rest were back at the RV. LESSON LEARNED!!! Used a stone to sharpen the hook and eventually we limited out between the 2 of us. It was late so headed back to the RV cleaned the fish put in freezer and hit the road back to Anchorage. Stopped at the same halfway point and spent the night.

In Anchorage we found 10th and M a fish store that offered processing. Unfortunately they didnít do flash freezing although my fish was pretty frozen. My buddy had his fish vacuumed packed. I had chosen to freeze mine in water the night before in case we couldnít get it vacuum packed. I put my fish in a small foam cooler with 2 jell packs and then inside my large cooler. The airline lost my cooler and didnít deliver till today 42, hours after I packed it and still mostly frozen.

Along the way we saw bears a moose and many bald eagles WOW!!Overall a great trip! Just too short!!