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Thread: DIY hunting from Forest service cabin

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    Default DIY hunting from Forest service cabin

    I'm interested in doing some DIY hunting while staying in one of the forest service cabins. It would be my wife and I. Obviously we would be non-residents so particularly looking for black bear, but wouldn't be opposed to stumbling across a moose or Sitka. I'm just wondering if anyone has any suggestions on a cabin or area? I'm mostly looking for a great experience, and an area to hunt with game, and where the terrain could be accomplished even by an inexperienced person to Alaska. I'm open to any suggestions or advice.

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    I'm assuming you've been to the ADF&G and the USFS websites to check out cabin locations; if not you should familiarize yourself with those information resources first.
    I don't know if you're aware of it, but GMU's 1-3 require a non resident draw a black bear tag, units 5&6 you can buy them over the counter. Unsubscribed tags for 1-3 may also be bought over the counter.
    What general area are you interested in renting a USFS cabin? Do you plan to fly in, or will you be getting there by skiff?

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    Right now I would like to maybe narrow down a region. I had looked so far at the southeast/tongass. The kenai/Chugach area. I was thinking narrow down the regions then look into the transportation. I would prefer over the counter tags. I would probably try and stick with flying in. I don't have much boating experience in general so probably best not to learn on a river in Alaska. Unless it's a very simple journey. I have been using the USFS site which can is how I chose the regions I looked at already. I'm still trying to take in all the game and fish regs. I'm from Indiana and ours are laid out on a graph for every animal making it real simple.

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    If you are willing to skip the black bear try Kodiak. Lots of information here if you search.

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    I would be opposed to that downside is being a non-resident I can't hunt brown bear without a guide. I know Kodak has a healthy dear population though. We have plenty of giant whitetail around where I live now. I would prefer the opportunity to hunt multiple species just to increase the chances of taking an animal. I'm pretty sure later on though I will gladly become an Alaska resident just so I can hunt, and experience the life up there for a few years.

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    Prince of Wales? unguided black bear hunts and deer. Not sure about cabins though.

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    Almost all forest service cabins in SE AK are located on the salt water (not rivers), and a few are on lakes. You can make arrangements to fly to most of the cabins on floats, or find a local boat charter operator to transport you.
    I don't think this would be a very good option for spring black bear hunting though, you really need a small skiff to cover some ground glassing beaches. There are some outfits that rent skiffs. At most of the cabins you'll sort of be stuck at the cabin if you don't have a skiff, this could work very well though for a fall (early September) bear hunt as long as the cabin is close to a salmon stream.

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    POW is where I guide for bear and it is amazing hunting. I have a cabin off the road system and use a boat to locate bears. It is a laid back and easy hunt with lots of opportunity. Have been. 100% successful the last two years. You stay in our cabin for a week and spend the time very relaxed with no cell coverage, so you can let go of society for a little while.

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    I think if I read properly it's draw only for non-resident. I'm wanting to just be able to purchase otc.

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