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Thread: My ten year old son Ryu's 2015 Kayak Fishing Highlights

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    Default My ten year old son Ryu's 2015 Kayak Fishing Highlights

    As I started working on putting my 2015 highlight reel together, I realized that my son Ryu frankly had the better video shots in many cases. His Birthday is soon so I wanted to make sure I had this video completed before then for him.

    I'd say he had a pretty good year for a ten year old kid...soon to be eleven. Heck, who needs a highlight reel for me when I have this! I had a few decent accomplishments and some really nice fish, but really this was the highlight of the year for me to get to share my passion with my son. Not to brag, but I couldn't be more proud of him.

    So as usual, highlight reels are a little longer than the average attention span but I hope you not only enjoy it but maybe motivates a few folks to get their kids out!

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    Priceless! Great job capturing the memories Rudy.

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    Excellent Rudy.....Congrats to both of you on a great year of fishing...!!!

    And also, thanks for taking the time to let us all come along with you... you two have waaaay too much fun...!!!
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    Excellent watching on Christmas day! Thank you!

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    I can tell the boy's got the fever, Papa.

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