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Thread: Spotting scope padding for my Barney's pack?

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    Default Spotting scope padding for my Barney's pack?

    My Barneys freighter frame and pack just arrived, and looking for "something" to pad my Swarovski Spotting scope with since the Barney's "Hunter" pack does not have a padded spotter pocket. Does anyone have a tried n' true waterproof idea?

    If I take a tumble while climbing, I'd hate to roll with the scope exposed. I'm sure one of you has come up with the perfect idea... Thanks in advance!

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    Default a sock

    might work?

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    Default I think a sock would get soaked, eh?

    [I would think the sock would get and remain constantly soaked. quote=sh;117070]might work?[/quote]

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    Try putting on a pairs of socks, then a pair of gortex seal skins socks over top that. Put one seal skin on in one direction and the other on in the opposite direction. I always carry a pair of seal skins anyway.

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    They make a Neoprene/padded/waterproof cover for spotting scopes that can be zipped up.I believe Cabela's sells them,maybe even Sportsman's Warehouse.I have one for mine but cant remember where I got it from.


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    Default Scope protection


    Measure your scope for length and diameter. Go to your local hardware or plumbing store and look for a piece of thin wall PVC pipe that your scope will fit into with a little spare room in both ends and around the sides. Buy one glue on cap for the bottom and a slip on (threaded are bulkier and heavier) cap for the top. Line the pipe with some quality foam padding (sleeping mat foam works well) in the inside to provide protection from vibrations, crushing, and dropping. A plastic bag inside will provide an additional water barrier.

    This pipe can be secured to the frame with straps or placed inside. Either way it has worked well for me for several years.

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    Default Use an old sleeping pad

    One of the better methods I've seen is cut two pieces of old sleeping map (i.e. RidgeRest or the like); one to make a tube and one piece for the end. Duct tape to connect, then slip the assembly into an appropriately-sized stuff sack (one can easily be made with some rip-stop nylon and a sewing maching). Light, padded, cheap. A waterproof scope in a water resistant bag is enough in my opinion, no need to get crazy finding a way to keep in 100% out of the elements.

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    Default What Mtn Wx Said

    I agree with what Mtn Wx already said........probably because we have seen it in the same place. That has worked just fine for me with my Leica in my Barneys pack. Also, if you need to get your spotting scope out and take a look at something it doesn't take much to get to it.

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    Default Thermarest seat cushion

    Good evening.

    I use Thermarest seat cushion to wrap around my spotting scope when I pack it in my ruck. When I get to my destination, I use the seat cushion to sit on while I glass.


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    Default Knew I'd get a few GREAT ideas from you guys...

    Thanks for the great ideas; these are perfect! This site is a wealth of knowledge...
    Thanks to all,

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    Default scopecoat

    scopecoat makes neoprene covers for spotting scopes. they make to custom fit any spotting scope. you can even choose the thickness of neoprene that you want. they easily slide on and off even with the tripod still on and I think they offer great protection with minimal added weight. just google scopecoat to find their web site.


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