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    So we have a few foot holds and snares around my place where I am mainly targeting some pests (fox/yote and the occasional lynx that has been seen wandering around the property). I check the traps every 2-3 days but I have had a few mag pies stuck by the foot in my footholds. All were found alive and released with as little injury as possible. All my traps are in deadfall covered with heavy brush with one entry/exit (covered paths in and out with snares and then foot holds under the deadfall). I understand by-catch happens but I am trying to limit the amount of birds to a minimum. Any suggestions would be great.

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    you don't say if you are using an exposed bait or not if you are covering it can help some. Birds smell things out pretty good but if you take the visual away it can help. I foot hold my marten and hiding the bait under the pole helps a lot but on the same token when targeting wolves I want birds so keep my sets way back. I have seen where eagles and ravens will walk for some unknown reason through deep snow for fairly long distances up to 50-75 yrds
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