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Thread: How to find who has guide rights in an area??

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    Default How to find who has guide rights in an area??

    I'm doing some research for some hunts next fall. I am trying to figure out how to find who is guiding in what areas. Is there some kind of state resource that show where certain guides are operating? Or is there not really a record of this? Anything you can tell me would be helpful.


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    best way might be to be more specific with an area, and someone will know who's working it. not every area has A guide with rights, there might be a half dozen or more working the surrounding area. The land owners would be able to tell you who has land use permits for that land.
    or the big game commercial services board has guides registered for guide use areas, but those aren't very specific, and some guides are registered for an area and don't actually use it.
    also try googling some location names in the area you plan to hunt, that may also get some hits.
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    Thanks BRWNBR,
    I was was a little hasty in posting this. Shortly after my post, I found all of the information I was looking for via the same avenues you suggested. Thanks for your time!


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