It's all in Fairbanks. If you want something you'll have to pay shipping of your choice. I'd really like to just be able to sell it locally but it's up to you.

APS Primer Strips for RCBS APS primer strip loader
For Large Primers 64 total. $20.00
White- 44

RCBS Press Primer Tray for catching spent primers- $5.00

RCBS 5-10 Scale Missing the Pan Support. A new RCBS Pan Support can be purchased for about 20 bucks. Excellent condition. Great scale, I have another one Iíve used for years. $20.00

MTM ammo box 20rnd rifle wsm will not fit
MTM ammo box 50rnd rifle wsm will not fit
$5.00 for the pair

45 Colt, 454 Casull Tipton snap caps, 5 - $5.00

Millet 1911 steel magazine $10.00

7mm RemMag, 300WinMag, 30-30 brass in the AmmoDump Forum