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Thread: Swan Lake-Swanson River

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    Default Swan Lake-Swanson River

    We would like to do a day trip into one of these systems mainly just to get out on the water and do a little fishing away from the bank crowds. Does anyone have recommendations on which lakes to paddle for a day trip that would have a decent chance of catching a few small fish?


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    between wasilla and palmer


    The first lake on the swan lake system (canoe lake I think) had good trout fishing, but be careful the lake on the other side of the system (can't remember the name) did not seam to have any fish at all.

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    Default first lakes west entrance

    canoe 1 and sucker lake and also waterfowl get passed over with most fisherman.
    waterfowl is to the west of canoe 1,, a short 100 yds or so portage.
    it has a great island to picnic or camp on and this lake produces a few good fish. it seldom gets fished.
    Sucker lake produces a some pan sized rainbows. good lake to fish with kids. salmon egg or a shrimp, or troll with a scyclops mepps lure, #1 or #2.
    canoe one and two are interconnected with a small stream, so fish can go back and forth between these two lakes.
    temperature has a lot to do with fishing success in the canoe system.
    you need to find the depth the fish are in before you can really get hot fishing.. after you find the depth, or place the fish are hanging out in,,
    ie weed beds, or what ever,, you can catch alot of fish.
    for those with fly fishing on their minds,'
    the egg sucking leach in dark purple or black is a great choice.
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