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Thread: etec motor swap

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    Default etec motor swap

    Just a wild toss in the dark -Anyone know what might happen if I were to put a 600 etec motor in my 2012 Expedition Sport (XP chassis). It comes stock w/ the 550f motor, but I know that the summit is an XP chassis, as are many other sleds, so is there a reason I cannot put this motor in there? Would I need to change the gear ratios, clutching etc.? If not... I may just be able to create the perfect sled for every occasion....

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    It should go in there but its not going to have all the correct accessories down inside the motor area to accomdate the fan cooling for proper air flow. As for clutching, who knows, thats something that has to be done in the end. Why not just get a 600 etec widetrack expedition? Mine makes those 550 sports expeditions seem like a old school elan.

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    You'll have to deal with heat exchangers and other obsticules but anything can be done with a little effort and thinking th8ngs through.


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