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    For those of you who own a 2010 or newer SWT, what are your thoughts? Pros? Cons?

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    I don't directly own one, my close friend has a brand new one with the 900 ace in it. We ride all the time together. He likes the mileage, hates the ride, hates the weight, likes the comfort of the machine though. Hes happy with it, just wishes it rode better for the money, he wasnt impressed at all with the suspension like the dealer made it out to be. He likes how it tows, tows pretty well. Doesn't like it in the woods much, hard to steer for him and wide as a barn. Also he wished the top speed would have been a little better, for overflow and such, but it does really well overall. He really likes the mileage of it, we don't have to carry another 10 gallons anymore haha. The eco/sport/extreme mode on the computer is really neat he likes it but I dont like the fly by wire throttle.

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    Love my 2010 SWT 800cc 4 stroke Skandic. Great mileage. Tows my firewood cargo sled easily. Comfy. In fact, I generally pick it rather than my 2013 Expidition when I choose to go riding. Rarely do I ever even use the 'high' gear unless I have a long ways to go on a groomed trail. I like to look around a lot when out so I just mostly putt around. Heavy, yes. But with the reverse it has, if you can move it an inch or two, you can get unstuck.
    I would think a guy would really need to think about what kind of riding you're gonna do.
    Your sarcasm is way, waaaayyyyyyyy more sarcastic than mine!

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    i have a 2015 SWT with the 900 motor. You have to realize they are built to haul and pull a load, not be a trail machine. I like the mileage and freight train load capacity.....Shifting takes some getting used to on this one. Good advice to think about what you want a machine to do, then select. I also have WTs that are much more comfortable trail riding. They do give up some hauling capacity, but i don't haul commercially, so that is a minor consideration.....
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    Love my 2014 does what it is designed to to...haul in ALL neighbor has the 900 ace...mine is the ETEC....I like having a pull start option...been great sleds...great flotation in deep powder or runs true in trail conditions, when riding 2 up don't even know anyone is riding with, grandkids wife...its the F250 of my sleds

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    Went on a ride yesterday looking for birds and went with a coworker who has a 14' SWT 600 Ace. He did just fine on the trails and up high the only thing I noticed was the side hilling slowed him down some. Over all it did very well as a trail sled.
    I was torn between a SWT and the Expedition Sport that I ended up with and in the end so far I'm still happy which way I went for the purposes I need a sled for.


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