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Thread: Live-aboard a Bayliner?

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    Default Live-aboard a Bayliner?

    I live in Juneau and am considering purchasing a boat to live on. I'm single and have few possessions. Does anyone know much about the new Bayliners, specifically the 2007 Discovery 246? Can they handle Southeast Alaska? Any other info appreciated. Thanks.

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    Default if you go bayliner

    stick with the trophy style hull. the sierra style hull in a smaller size 24' or so rolls to much and can't hall much weight. I have never owned one but know of people who have. Sold them because couldn't hall extra gas and when in rougher water they felt like it was going to roll. The one guy now has 28' trophy and is happy with that. Go for some test rides and check out the interiors if going to plan to live on it.

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    Ask your question here. This is a newsgroup for Bayliner owners and several of us live in Alaska, including Southeast.

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    wlas is Wolf Lake Aircraft Services


    Skydiver you are right on the other guy know nothing.

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    Default live aboard

    I have a 2452 99 bayliner. I have had her in 12 foot swells and she did just out of them as fast and safely as I could..but have lived on it for up to a week over 50 miles out of whittier, do many overnight trips with friends and family and have never had an issue. Make sure you have a dingy to get you ashore and stretch those legs every once in awhile. Other than should be good to go. I almost bought a 28fter but would of had to store it somewhere else other than the house. It would have been alittle more comfortable and allowed me to store more items and sleep a few more people, but have had 5 onboard mine and we never had a problem passing the plenty or room for fishing and the two storage boxes below provided plenty of storage for all gear. To include the storage on the bow of the boat...

    Good luck and I wish I was in your is beautiful out there. Enjoy

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    something to think about any boat you deside on
    How you gonna stay warm???

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