This fall I tried out Caribou Gear Game Bags for the first time, and I have to tell you, I was really impressed. They're synthetic, but they feel like light-weight cotton and they pack down very tightly. The material seems to breathe WAY better than other synthetics I have used, and the fabric has a rougher texture with lots of tiny filaments that seem to draw moisture away from the meat, so it can evaporate off on the outside.

The conditions on our moose hunt this fall were not the best, and it rained nearly every day. But the bags kept the meat in nice shape and I will certainly use them again. Normally I change out for traditional cotton bags after using the synthetics to move the meat from the kill site to camp. But on this hunt that was completely unnecessary, as the Caribou Gear bags performed nearly flawlessly.

I just found out that the company is running a 20% off sale through December 7th. Be sure to check them out for a really good deal on game bags you will probably only have to buy once! You can find them AT THIS LINK. The promo code to use is "hunt".

Good luck as you start planning your 2016 hunts, and for those of you putting in for draw hunts, best of luck!