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Thread: 16' aire jaguarundi

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    Default 16' aire jaguarundi

    16' air jaguarondi raft, great shape. oars, capt seat and repair kit.

    gear deck with mesh.
    3 passenger seats (new cushions otw)
    one seat tower
    2 seat rail mounts
    1 90 degree seat mount (puts person more inside for the boat for those squimish types.
    2 hand pumps
    1 electric car battery pump
    36lb pyramid anchor
    complete anchor system, rope bag, and a new rope.
    3 spare nrs knuckles if you want to turn the back end square for a motor. I never did find a 4th or bothered with the retro fit.
    number of life jackets.
    lots of extra straps mostly 1' for the gear deck, a few 3 footers as well.

    $2000 takes it all.

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    The goods...
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    Deck and accesories
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    Theres also a bunch of life jackets.


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