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Thread: The streak ends but what a day!!!!

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    Default The streak ends but what a day!!!!

    So my consecutive months of catching a king off my kayak ends at 14 months. From a family perspective, my son caught one earlier this month so I guess that's a consolation.

    But the story of the day were the whales! What is up with that! Aren't they supposed to be in Hawaii??? We stay at lands end hotel and you can hear them literally just yards off the spit all night long.

    We tried on Friday to get out but 22mph winds with gusts to 45 was a little too insane. We did get out near dark but that was just stupid. BIG BIG swells for the kayaks.

    Saturday we wake up to whales everywhere. I have never seen so much life out at the spit. Birds crashing bait everywhere, sea lions tossing pollock around, and the whales. At least a dozen of them working right off the spit.

    Around noon, my son and I are trolling about 15 ft apart in small choppy waters about 50ft deep. All of the sudden like magic, the water between our kayaks first goes glass calm, then you can see the water upwelling and it actually lifts our kayaks up a few inches. I look at my son and yell "GO GO GO!!!!!" After about 15 seconds of frantic pedaling, we look at each other and laugh with me apologizing to my son "Sorry Ryu, I thought it might be a .... HOLY COW!!!!!!!" A huge humpback surfaces no more than two kayak lengths away. You could see the parasites on the whale and the small scratches on its skin. O-M-G!!!!!!!!! Wow!!!! We will never forget that moment!

    15 minutes later, Ryu finally has his rod double over and the battle is on! Definitely not a pollock, but it wasn't taking out much line either. He battle it for maybe 30 seconds and up pops a common murre. What? Not a good omen. We are done. I had commitments that I had to get back for. But what an insanely great day. the best day ever for a day where I didn't catch a single fish. memories that will definitely last a lifetime.

    here's the bird video. I felt bad about leaving the hook in, but I wasn't about to let that sharp beak get anywhere near my hand. Second murre of the year...

    Not great pics and they certainly were NOT the closest pics I had. But given they were taken with a smartphone, you get the idea. Too bad it was raining so hard on and off. I didn't have my gopro on for the whale encounter. ARGH!



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    Great story Rudy. I just got back from Maui and can tell you the whales aren't there so now I know why - they're still chowing down up here. And good on you for a 14 month string of king salmon! Congrats!

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    Awesome stuff!!!! Homer has no "off" season

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    Scooted past the kayak gurus to head to Pogi for a few hours; started fishing at noon, finished at 3:30.....

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    The butt followed the bait up from 50' hit on the surface as we were doin a bait check; 41.5 lbs on the scale!

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    All that "training" with Nemo is paying off!!!!

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    sweet! that's awesome to be able nail a halibut like that in late Nov or December!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kardinal_84 View Post
    I felt bad about leaving the hook in, but I wasn't about to let that sharp beak get anywhere near my hand. Second murre of the year...
    Make yourself a de-hooker with a 2 ft dowel Rudy. You know the drill, as you've seen it used in my WA boat. << Even better for those "shaker" kings >>

    I've effortlessly de-hooked many birds over the seasons with mine, including a full grown loon on the Kenai.... and still have all my fingers intact.
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