Not a schill for the company, but I gotta say, I'm impressed.

It's a latticework of vented stainless steel angle iron tig welded together similar in shape as a log cabin. It's purpose is to give proper airflow to burn wood pellets in a traditional wood stove.

Pros: can use pellets instead of cordwood... For the city house, where regular wood is inconvenient, makes good heat.

Little ash

Burns hot

Cons: 40 lb bag lasts as long as 6-8 6" rounds of birch- burns hot but fast.

Takes synthetic means of starting- gel or similar.

Requires significant airflow to keep going- not able to "stoke, shut it down, and go to bed".

All in all, I'm happy with the ability to have a "cityfied" wood stove situation. During our last cold snap in Palmer, it was nice to take the edge off the cold without having to dig wood out of the pile at -15.