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    Default 375 Ruger Alaskan

    Does anyone know if anyone besides Hornady plans on putting out factory ammo anytime soon for the 375 Ruger? I am also curious for those who have shot one of these , whats the recoil like in comparison to the H&H?

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    I would say that Federal will get on that ammo wagon by the end of the year, if they don't it's because they don't see any market with the caliber.

    As for shooting one of them, argh!! That ain't no recoil pad on that rifle. The African version with it's thin, red, rubberish piece of non skid material is for standing the rifle up in the corner and keeping the butt from slipping. I wanted to keep this rifle in it's original configuration until I decided if I was going to keep it or sell it. Well, I've decided to sell it, and continue to shoot it with that thin piece of non skid material on the butt. The gun would look lovely with a nice decelerator pad installed however.

    Compared to my H&H rifles and my 375 WBY and my 375 Dakota and everything else with a 375 bore, it kicks like a tall mule. But my keeper 375's actually have recoil pads on them. IF it had a real recoil pad on it I don't think it would be any different from any of the others.

    It's ballistics are right where they need to be, with all of the fine bullets that work so well at upgraded 375 H&H velocities, I'd say it's on the way to becoming a popular 375.

    One of the things I like so well about this rifle is it's nice carrying weight, that of course works against it when the shootin' starts. Weight, balance, sights, strength of action, accuracy, (this is a good barrel), it's a good rifle. You would think the factory could invest in a recoil pad that could serve dual purpose as a recoil pad and a non skid device. Hmmm.
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    Default African recoil pad

    The African recoil pad is not a RECOIL pad. It is a rubber butt plate. I am in the process of putting a 1" London Guns red pad on mine. The Alaskan has decel on it and is better on the shoulder but it is a Hogue stock which I hate. That gun has went to a friend. I have had .375's from the 9.5x57 to .378 and currently have 3 .376 steyr's, this Ruger and 3 .375 H&H's. Up to the 375 WBY and 378 they are all similar in recoil. Pretty stout but do able. The 2 WBY's are more than I want to handle.

    I think it will "stick around" I think I have heard that Federal is indeed looking to load it. I am thinking of rechambering the Steyrs to it.

    By the way I use 62gr of Varget with a 300 in the Steyrs, Ruger and H&H's. Does 2400ish in all guns.


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