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Thread: Long Lake (Mile 86 Glenn)

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    Default Long Lake (Mile 86 Glenn)

    Anybody know how much ice is left on Long Lake? I was thinking about trying there tomorrow but not sure with the latest warm spell.

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    I heard a rumor there were quite a few people out on the lake Friday around noon including people on the far end away from the road. They had walked the full length of the lake to get there.

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    The Ice is 6-8" around the whole lake but I didn't venture into the very middle. one thing u have to be aware of is the overflow. There's a lot of water under the snow. The rumor was true a group of guys past me and walked all the way to the other side of the lake. Hopefully they had some luck I've never done all that great over there.... The fish seemed pretty active. Tight lines to everyone


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