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    Default Homer Update

    Well I went out this weekend. Sat Was my best day of the weekend. Check it out on ch. 13 at 10pm... Sunday and Monday produce mainly chickens.. Though Monday I had a chicken on and was reeling it in when all of a sudden it got so heavy and started to fight like a 300 pounder. It took everything I could not to go over board. Then finally it got easy, at that time I could see color. What did I see? A half of halibut and about a 8 foot salmon shark swimming around my dinner. Well he wasn't done. He finished off the halibut and took my jig with it. Well I thought he was full and would not return. I was wrong..... Not even 10 minutes later I hooked another halibut and the same thing happen. This time he came to the surface and hung around the boat.

    Weather. Sat was ok until late in the day when it rained. Water wasn't bad to fish, but driving in it was alittle rough. Sunday was the same and Monday was flat for the most part.
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    Default Check what at 10pm on ch. 13?

    You gonna be on the news? cool thing with the shark and all. too bad you couldn't get it one way or another. So good eatin'. did you guys limit out any of those days? what was the largest? just curious too see if it is going to be a chicken year. I have not made out to my hole yet so don't know. all we caught were chickens so far besides one nice 73#er. can't wait to go again.


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