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    What are the pros and cons of a Yamaha F50 vs T50. I have a F50 to be used on a 19' flat bottom Kenai boat. would I gain anything by changing the lower unit to a T50?

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    Not unless you plan on hauling full loads. You can pitch down your prop and step weight with an F50 but you can't pitch up and gain your top end back with a T50 very satisfactorily. My opinion anyway, have had them both and prefer the F50 all the way around.

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    I'm running the F50 on a 20' Hewescraft Open Fisherman. It's real dependent on the prop. Get the prop right on it and it does just dandy, but get it wrong and it barely does the job. The G series on our boat jumps right up on plane with even 4-6 people on board, tops out around 25mph. On someone's recommendation I tried the D. It barely got on step with 2 people, and took a long time to do it. Absolutely would not get on step with 4 people. Back to the G and happiness.

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    Agreed, the right prop choice besides sheer horsepower is most important. The f50 would be just fine, most guide boats on the Kenai run em.
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