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Thread: Marlin Levermatic 256 win mag review:

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    Default Marlin Levermatic 256 win mag review:

    In my quest for a rimfire alternative, I picked up a levermatic in 256. Overall, I did not like it and resold it. Here are my thoughts:

    The rifle was HEAVY. I believe it was almost 7.5 lbs. My custom browning 1895 lever gun weighs less than that.

    The spring pressure was HEAVY, there is no way you're going to shuck that without dropping your grip off the stock to gather the leverage required to cycle the rifle. So no, it isn't any faster than any standard 90 degree lever throw.

    The bottom metal isn't metal, it's brittle plastic! Old 1960-70's plastic. The plastic had hairline cracks, especially where the action screws were torqued. Bouncing around on my dog sled with Alaskan Malamutes that find it fun to put me glancing off ah tree, that brittle plastic is a no-go. Considerable work by a gunsmith would be necessary, to duplicate that piece into real metal.

    The magazine only hold 3 rounds. I can think of many situations where I've snowshoed into a covey of ptarmigan, grouse, or a family of snowshoe hare, where 3 rounds wouldn't cut it.

    Looks like ADfields model 92/ 256 win mag is the only rifle that will fit what I'm looking for.

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    I agree with your assessment of the Levermatic. I owned one way back when the model was new, dumped that one for the reasons you cite, then picked up another about 20 years later. Same issues. Neither was especially accurate either.

    Quote Originally Posted by mainer_in_ak View Post
    Looks like ADfields model 92/ 256 win mag is the only rifle that will fit what I'm looking for.
    That looks to be a much better solution for a 256.

    I'll add another possibility to your list: Search out a Marlin 1894 in 25-20. I've had one since they first came out, and it's one of the last rifles I'd ever let go. In my experience it's lots more forgiving in finding accurate reloads and ease of loading than the 256 (I've had one in TC for years). So much better, in fact, that I always kinda hankered for a TC barrel in 25-20. No reflection on Andy's great conversion at all. It's just one more path to think about.

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    I did a reloading project for a friend's Levermatic 256, and had it a while for that. The VERY SHORT lever throw was disconcerting. But, the rifle had it's charm. Nice lines, and a one piece stock.

    I'll grant you that Andy's 92-256 would be Superior in some important ways.

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    I also like 25-20 but the brass is somewhat hard to come by and they don't load up near as hot on the top end. I crank out 256wm from 357 brass sizing right on my progressive press in one stage, super easy once you get it figured out.

    Mike whenever you are reedy just let me know, I haven't built any of them in a while now.
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