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Thread: What's up with campbell creek?

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    Default What's up with campbell creek?

    Hoping to get some current info on Campbell creek. I'm living right by the creek this summer, right where it passes New Seward, and last night my wife was walking the dogs down there and said she saw "a bunch of huge orange fish" (she's not from alaska). So, I'm thinking if the salmon are up that far, then there will probably be some dollies along with them.

    Anyone fish that area lately? What works there? My wife is spinners-only, but I have a fair selection of flys. I've just never fished there so I don't really know what to use or where to look.

    Should I just wade down from the hwy and start throwing stuff out there? Maybe egg flys, or ESLs? Any other Campell reports or tips?

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    Default Kids King Fishery

    I took my son and a couple of his friends to the kids only king salmon fishery last weekend. They fished a couple of the holes at Taku Lake Park. We arrived at 7am and left at noon. I think there were about 25 or so kings on the board by the time we left. Fish and game had a weigh in booth set up. Our group didn't catch anything, but it wasn't because there wasn't any fish. We did see some reds swimming with the kings. I'm surprised there wasn't more people.

    One of the kids landed a nice Dolly.

    Check the regs carefully. You can't fish for Coho before July 25 and there is an emergency order on trout.

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    Yeah, catch-and-release only on the 'bows, saw that.

    We went down there to take a look tonight, didn't see any catchable dollies or bows, but we did see a couple of nice big red kings holding in deep water.

    I also saw a filleted king carcass sitting next to some bottle caps and an empty pack of cigarettes on the gravel.

    I f-ing hate poachers. And I really hate poachers who litter.

    I'll be watching for the guy drinking Redhook ESB and smoking Camels next time I'm down there. I also found a vibrex in the bushes on the same side, so I guess he wasn't the only one.


    Back on track, how about some info on targeting the dollies that are sure to be there? Anything in particular I should try, or just toss some eggs and ESBs at them? What was that "nice dolly" caught on during the kids-only fishery?

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    Glo bugs, beads will knock them out,trout and dollies. Never fished that particular stretch of water but have had a ton of fun fishing the upper stretches. I have pulled a few nice sized bows out of there , but they are mostly small fish.


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