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    I'm wanting to build a 6x8 foot smoke house smack dab in the city of Anchorage.
    Are there any regulations that I should be aware of?
    (fire regs, out buildings not allowed?, setback from neighbors required?, etc.)

    Any suggestions on pulling this off in the city?

    You guys happier with the setups where the smoldering fire is away from the shack and smoke gets piped in?
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    as far as not allowing sheds, would depend on your neighborhood covenants.
    you can build a shed without a permit, as long as it is not larger that 144 sqaure feet, (12' x 12')
    set back from property lines are located on your as built,
    looks like a rather neat plan.
    i used one for a long time in the city, 4x4x8 with a pit in the bottom of the smoker itself, worked great, just a bugger keeping it going for 5-7 days at a time, sure is hard to beat the flavor though

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    That is a nice smoker. It is large for a large batches. You may want to really consider the size. That smoker would do hundreds of pounds of smoke stick in one load! 1 use one that is 3 X 3 by 7 feet tall and I can do an easy 80-100 lbs per batch! If you mess up a batch you have lost all that. Just a thought!

    Post pic's when you get er done.

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