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Thread: Leupold Mounts for Model 70 Featherweight in the 300 WSM

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    Default Leupold Mounts for Model 70 Featherweight in the 300 WSM

    I bought a new model 70 in the Featherweight 300 WSM. All my rifles have Leupold bases and rings and I would like to put a set on this one. I looked on Leupold's site and from what I can tell she should take the 50024 bases since she is post 64. However, there is a little caveat for that part number that says "(with exceptions). Anyway, I need silver bases because I had her Cerakoted by Precision Cerakote in Anchorage. (Phil did a great job so if your looking for someone to Cerakote your toys he would be the man to see: I tried the 50024 (STD Rev F&R) and they are way to long on front or back. So, I did some searching and it appears that someone had success with the WSSM bases. Ordered a set of them and the front fits perfect but the back is to short. So, I called Leupold and asked the rep who told me the 50024 (STD Rev F&R) that I bought first should fit. Well, they don't.

    After all that does anyone out there have a set of silver Leupold bases that are actually installed on their model 70 short action (WSM) and if you do would you please take away my pain and tell me what part number I need?

    I can't believe Leupold doesn't have a set of bases for one of the most popular rifles ever produced.

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    Where are you located.............just roughly.......???

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    Quote Originally Posted by AGL4now View Post
    Where are you located.............just roughly.......???
    Wasilla.... For a set of bases that work you tell me where I need to be located.

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    Default Leupold Mounts for Model 70 Featherweight in the 300 WSM

    So here's what I ended up with using the Leupold bases.

    The front base is from a set of WSSM bases.

    The rear base (with windage adjustment) is from the standard base 50024. It faces forward with the windage adjustment hanging out over a small part of the bolt.

    I ran some rounds through her and the ejects empties with no issues.

    I would still like to know what someone else that has this setup is using. Considering the calls and posts with no solution other than the one I just posted I have little hope. I just don't think they make a set of bases that fit this rifle or at least fit correctly.

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