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    My Father who lives in the lower 48 is a big Life Below Zero fan, so for this Christmas I am going to send him a caribou heart and tongue for making "Heart-Tongue Soup". But I have know Idea how its made. I'm hoping Chip will chime in and share how he makes it or if anyone else here knows how that would be great. Thanks for any help.

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    For many years we diced up the heart, tounge and kidneys of moose and my wife made a yummy tasting meat pot pie in a cast iron skillet. Meat was coated with flour and browned in bacon grease, and she added dice onions, carrots, taters and green beans. Thyme, salt, pepper and garlic powder to taste. For soup just forget about the meat pot pie crust. Now I'm hungry for it! Try posting this in the food/recipie forum for more results.

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    Hi Barbwire. I tryed to respond tothe PM, but my inbox was full when i sent it, sooooo I deleted all the mail in my box in oreder to do so.....yours included.....LOL!! So Im happy to find your post here.

    Soooooo........we usually boil both Heart and tongue, and when done, remove them from the stock and chop up into small pieces.

    Then add to the stock some cut up potatoes, carrots and onions, maybe some celery. Then when thats nice and done, put the meats back in and serve. Use salt and pepper.

    Our local tastes would have noodles, greens and seal oil added too, but somethings are not available south of this here heaven.

    Give your dad my regards!
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    Quote Originally Posted by strangerinastrangeland View Post
    .....but somethings are not available south of this here heaven.....
    Believe me, down here LOTS of things are not available from that there heaven......
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