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Thread: Bear Fence Alternative?

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    Default Bear Fence Alternative?

    I recently installed one of these at my bosses place and got to thinking that it may be handy at hunting camp/tent as well. In fact, my boss knew of them as a friend of his got him one for his remote cabin across the inlet. Both the base and sensor run on 4 AA batteries, and they are very lightweight. You can use up to 8 sensors. You could place say one or two sensors out away from the tent (they have a 1/2 mile range) where you would think the direction a bear might come in. I would imagine that a lot of us sleep pretty lightly when out in the bush, so the high pitched tones these things put out when something is detected should easily alert you that somethin's up. If you think about it these things could have other hunting uses other than just as a bear alert.

    Just a thought in case somebody might be interested.

    We bought ours from Radio Shack. Check it out:
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    mothballs are also a great cheap alternative put them around your gear/tent/atv

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