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Thread: Charlie-Yukon Rivers National Preserve

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    Default Charlie-Yukon Rivers National Preserve

    Hello all. Have been doing my research for the past 10 months now on a Yukon river moose hunt out of Eagle. I have talked with BLM and researched the native lands, talked AST and a biologist and now looking for anyone wishing to pass on their experiences hunting this area. Not asking for your secret grid locations, just your overall experiences hunting either the south side of the river (GMU 20E/RM865) or the north side of the river (GMU 25B). I already have a river boat, hunting camp, and committed partner. I have hunted Alaska for both caribou (Mulchatna River and Haul Rd) and Blacktail Deer out in PWS. Never hunted moose although I know for certain anyone who has, has hunted them for a first time once in their life. Looking forward to hearing what you have to say.

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    You might want to pm mark (bushrat). That is his neck of the woods.
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    I've Hunted the area twice. Both years we shot the only moose we saw. Not much in my opinion for moose up that way. The first year we saw nothing (birds, squirrels, predators-nothing) for 6 days. It was the longest week with zero activity.

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    Did a canoe/ float hunt from Eagle to Circle in September '97, the year I graduated high school....three weeks on the river, camped at the mouth of Washington Creek for two weeks....even though nobody in the party bagged any big game, it was one of the most memorable hunts of my life. Met a lot of interesting characters, and the area is absolutely fascinating both geologically and historically....I'd go again in a heartbeat.
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    Have hunted in that part of the country on both sides of the river. Not a lot of moose around compared to other places. You will need a jet boat if your going to get off of the Yukon. The Charley river is still one of my favorite rivers to run. There is some big rocks in it and can be shallow some years. The Kandik is a nice river to run if you can get a crossed the reef 3 miles up. Good luck if you decide to hunt there.
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