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Thread: Lodging for winter youth moose hunt in GMU 16B?

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    Question Lodging for winter youth moose hunt in GMU 16B?

    Looking for suggestions for a lodge or rental cabin out in GMU 16B. My daughters have YM541 Youth Any Bull tags. So, we're looking to take the whole family out there somewhere, to spend a long Thanksgiving holiday, recreating and do some moose hunting.

    If there's enough snow (and frozen rivers) in the next two weeks, we could drive snowmachines out from either Big Lake or Petersville. If not, we could charter a plane to fly us out, and then rent snowmachines (or ATV's) for our hunting trips away from the lodge/cabin.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanx, Dave.
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    Skwentna Roadhouse is the only one I'm aware of. Call up Cindy and see if they've got rooms open. You can make it on sleds if the river is solid or fly out to their strip.

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    yentna station
    northwoods lodge
    both are in 16A i believe, but right across the river from B
    as far as i know, no one has been up the river yet.. hoping this cold snap will solidify things, good luck

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    Tal star would be good start.
    Theres dozens to choose from. (PM me if google doesn't figure it out)
    -Talaheim maybe

    I'd put my effort into staying OFF the river corridor for several reasons. (fly in -rent machines- fly out) Biggest reason is it might not be passable….

    Anyway- good luck. My son had that permit this year. Great memories. Hope your family has good luck but more importantly a great trip!!


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