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Thread: Late winter fly-in Caribou hunt

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    Default Late winter fly-in Caribou hunt

    A different kind of hunt. Load up sno-gos and arctic camp on NAC in Anchorage and fly to Kotz, Nome, Bethel, or Dillingham. Ride sno-gos from airport to hunt location. Set up camp. Do a subsistence style hunt from camp. Fly it all back to town.
    I am thinking Kotz makes the most sense. Has anyone hunted from a sno-go from any of the regional hubs willing to share some info on finding bous and getting around?

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    I've always have wanted to fly "my" 4 wheeler to Adak as I trust its motor, tranny, and especially the rubber I have on it. Don't want to rent something I'm not sure about. Of the four communities you ask about, Kotz has had the best amount of snow the last few winters...
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    Mid Feb theres enough light again, here , to have a good days hunt.

    Bulls will be fairly skinny and antlerless.

    By then Cows will be fat, and they are hunted at that time of year, untill mid April when their fetus will accelerate in growth. A fat cow with out a calf can be some of the best eating Caribou meat, ever.

    Be aware of private lands and Fed lands that would have different rules for subsistence qualifications.
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    You get past mid april and the ice out on Kobuk lake starts getting mushy. You can see down to the bottom of the ocean in the mid day light. Not the nicest stuff to take a sled on.


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