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    For 2 days my daughter keeps the kids in the house because of 1 male 1 sow and 2 cubs that have taken up residence in the woods behind her house enjoying the neighbor's chickens, dog and 1 cow and calf moose. The other calf is still there for some reason. The neighbor put the sow and cubs on U-Tube. So daughter and grandkids come to my house to play and I load up the smoke house with king salmon. My neighbor comes over and tells me a brown bear is in the woods behind my garage. Salmon goes on ice and smoker goes in garage and brown bear decides to cross the street and play a few rounds of golf. Good place for him since I don't golf. I miss the good old days when bears were taught to have better manners. And there you have it!

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    Dateline Kenai: June, 07

    The Timothy Treadwell Golf Tournament will begin with 9 holes of non lethal rounds.

    This year, players will be allowed 3 free drops to avoid stepping into the woods if they slice right on hole two as a local brown bear has enhanced the rough in that area.

    Golfers choosing to chase their balls into the woods will be featured on next month's forum, and could win $10,000.00 on America's Funniest Home Videos.

    At the sign up, a newcomer to the tournament said that he had never actually golfed before, but that since his wife had bought him a set of clubs, and paid his entry fee, he felt obliged. "Besides," he says, "After taking out that million dollar life insurance policy, I'm a bit relieved that she didn't buy me something dangerous like skydiving lessons."

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    Default skydiving lessons

    HEY ! ! ! I resent that! Skydiving lessons aren't dangerous, the person skydiving is dangerous. I've only personally known 10 or 11 jumpers die in the past coupla years......
    It is the bounce that kills if you time it just right, grab the grass.

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    Why didn't you go over and bust a cap?



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