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Thread: Removing the smell from a beetled caribou

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    Default Removing the smell from a beetled caribou

    I'm working on a caribou skull for myself. Already had it beetled and it came out nice. I'm on to de-greasing via hot water and Dawn and that has worked well but there is still a definite odor that I can't get rid of. Not a rotten flesh smell more like the smell of the beetle shop. No way the Mrs. is gonna let it in the house until I can de-scent it......

    It seems to me that the odor is more on the antlers than the skull. I have scrubbed the antlers with some Dawn and hot water a few times but that hasn't had much effect. De-greasing the skull helped a tremendous amount but if I can still smell it, the Mrs. will for sure. (Her nose rivals some tracking dogs I think......)

    Ant tips/tricks to get the odor off the antlers?
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    Mineral spirits work to best, white gas, gasoline all will work for both degreasing and removing odor. Allow to dry completely in warm well vented place before bringing inside.

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    The wife works with bones, antlers, horns etc a fair amount. She says get hold of some 40 percent peroxide from a beauty supply house or a taxi for the skull. Try scrubbing the antlers with vinegar.
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    Let the antlers completely dry first! Don't go putting goofy stuff all over them especially peroxide! I have many beetle cleaned antlers, Its the moisture that has the odor. You peroxide skulls not antlers, the antlers will turn nice and white. Try light soap and water, don't a rub and let dry and see if it gets better.


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