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Thread: PR49 July River Exploration in SW AK

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    Default PR49 July River Exploration in SW AK

    Flew with Wade Renfro from bethel into a small tributary of the upper Goodnews. We caught 9 species of fish in 9 days. For boat selection we chose 2 PR49s instead of 1 to maximize our draft in the first 7-8 miles. It meant the difference between dragging 5-6 miles in 2 boats instead of 8 or more miles in one boat.

    Weather and fishing was awesome!

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    Next video from the same trip, around Day 3 or so

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    Great video. Looking forward to seeing more.

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    Very cool footage. You guys are in some beautiful country for a fall float.
    I recently picked up two of Larry's books. "Float Hunting Alaska", and "Caribou Hunting- A guide to Alaska's herds".
    After starting to skim through the float hunting book, I wanted to log on and comment on the quality of information and presentation. The detail and focus is excellent, while keeping in the "how to" format and avoiding the "where to" that can spoil the uniqueness of a favorite spot. Hunting and fishing for more than three decades have taught me an appreciation for good information, and the value of discretion in what to share.
    September my son and I spent a week with a Pro Pioneer floating, camping and hunting on the Kichatna and Yentna rivers, -nothing as remote as these cool videos. This kind of stuff is seductive! We will be doing more in the future.
    Thanks to Larry for sharing, and promoting a top notch recreation.

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    Thanks for the vids. Great stuff, and I really appreciate being able to see the capabilities of your rigs. Didn't work out this year, but there is a Levitator in my future.
    Out of curiosity, why didn't you guys pack up and hoof it to floatable water? The going away from the crick looked reasonable. Too much stuff?
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    It was too thick off river. Even though the creek channel was thin and shallow, even the bears were using the creek channel vs the off river terrain to move up and downstream. We looked for options off river, but in the end it made more practical sense to just drag through the channel until we found a floatable depth.

    Here's a different trip where we were forced to pack sleds overland vs navigating a channel we packed more gear on the second adventure (roughly 130-lbs for me and 145-lbs for my partner).

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    One more for fun. The sleds made the length of the portage doable in terms of labor hours, but still a lot of work over dry tundra. Man, i was hoping for rain or snow for that HDPE to glide better!

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    Water was L-O-W out West this Summer. We ran the Goodnews 4 times from mid July to Mid Sept, and it dropped lower each trip, until Sept near the end when it blew out.

    Excellent video Larry, looks like a sweet trip. If that is the crik I think it is, did you guys get picked off river higher up on one of the bars, or did you fish on down to tidewater?

    Ditto on trying to hoof it in that country, it's a ball and joint buster fo' sho'.
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    It was Nimgun Creek from the lake to about 25 miles from the salt. Got a riverboat p/u on the Goodnews.

    We floated Canyon Creek a couple years ago, which was a really sweet trip, also...but it was too low this year in July. There was barely any water flowing into the Goodnews compared to a couple seasons ago.

    We found the low water a natural limiting factor of the fish counts, fo sho. We caught nine species, but it wasn't the hottest fishing it has been in years past.

    These PR49s have opened up pockets I've never been able to visit. We could have done this trip with Alpackas, but with less personal gear and more miles of walking due to the limited capacity of those style packrafts. The PR49s lent us draft we desperately needed sooner than later.



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