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    I've never been salmon or halibut fishing before, what kind of setup do you use? Do different kind of salmon have different setup? I will be fishing off of Whittier.

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    Are you talking rods or terminal tackle?

    For halibut most people use a boat rod, ie heavy 5 1/2' rod rated for 50-80 pound test, with a nominal 4/0 sized reel and spooled with 50-80 pound spectra line, though some people use heavier line. The lighter line is less affected by current, so you don't need as much weight to stay down. Terminal tackle is typically heavy monofilifent or gagnon line, a slip sinker with 2-5#'s of lead and a large circle hook baited with a whole herring.

    Halibut rods can also be lighter, especially when jigging. A medium heavy 7' rod with a smaller high speed reel spooled with 50# spectra will serve double duty for halibut and salmon, though you'll have to spend some money on a rod and reel durable enough to take the abuse of a halibut. Jigs run the gamut of crippled herring, diamond jigs and lead heads with grub tails from 3 oz on up to a pound. The smaller jigs will catch everything, salmon, rockfish and halibut.

    For salmon, most folks will run a medium to medium heavy 8' or so rod with a levelwind reel and 20-25# mono. Sometimes folks troll a plug cut herring and a flasher, other times they mooch a small piece of herring, or they can jig with the smaller jigs.


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