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Thread: calling moose on the kenai timeframe

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    Default calling moose on the kenai timeframe

    we have hunted unit 13 for years and it is just getting to be too much work so we are going to try cooper landing area we have seen some animals around cooper lake but my question is does anyone know when they get active down there and respond to calls

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackbear View Post
    ...does anyone know when they get active down there and respond to calls
    About a week after season closes?

    Over the years F&G moved the season earlier and earlier. Now we not only miss the rut we must hunt in the heat, with the bugs and all the brush in full leaf.

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    If you are scouting the Kenai Penn, I would suggest you look at the COHO Loop and Kalif. Loop areas. Lots of moose in there. You have to watch it or you will run over them in the early morning or late evening. Lots of moose all the way to Homer, where they were allowed to log and now the brush is coming back. I doubt you will have much luck calling them during the season. Best to just remain in stealth mode and ambush them.

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    Default Early Moose Calling

    I've called moose and seen them respond on the 1st of September and I've called in moose every year for the last 5 before the 15th.

    They won't come running in like they do a month or so later but I certainly wouldn't write it off

    Do some calling the night before in the area you intend to watch the next morning, it might take a few days but chances are the bulls that hear your calls will eventually come over to see what's going on.

    The key is you can't look at it like duck calling. The response you get might happen hours or even days after the moose first hears you. You've got to remain in the stealth mode (sight sound and scent) or you may never even realize that you attracted a bull and then ran him off without ever seeing him


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