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    Hello all; my ITP Mudlites are starting to wear. Considering a change to ITP Mayhems. Any of you tried these out? Thoughhts or comments pro or con would help. Thanx in advance.


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    I have the Mayhems on my Griz 700. Absolutely hate them. They are good in the mud, but hard packed or rocky stuff they just plain suck. Slippery on rocks or roots. Eureka type riding is horrible. But if you are riding a lot of mud then they are good. Not great but good. I've heard great things about swamplites though.
    I just bought a Yamaha Viking. Went crazy and lifted it, clutch kit big winch and put on 30" Interco interforce tires. WOW. Not sure how they will be on rocks, but in the mud they just don't stop.
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    Stuff lugs which make trails harsh, slippery rocks......interesting....muskeg and mud fun. They will dig. Right to the bottom! They clean out well but for an all around tire they're not the best. Can be dangerous on a side hill in the bigger rocks. Personally can't stand the swamp lites, haven't had great luck with them but that's just my opinion. The Mayhem's are really a purpose specific tire.

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    Thanks for the reply,s.

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    Default Itp mayhems

    Swamplites =stucklites

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    I have mega mayhems on both our Grizzly's and for the riding we do they are great. Riding on anything paved makes you think something is wrong it is so jarring, but once on soft ground they are quite smooth. Can go through mud in 2 wheel drive that my previous stock tires required 4 wheel drive. We ride over smooth and rough trail to get to our property and ride over muskeg, through mud, over logs, etc when at our property. They are great for skidding the occasional logs as well. My wife commented that they have boosted her confidence in both the wheeler and her riding. I have not had to do any riding on rocks, so would defer to the others comments. For what I want them to do they are what I want in a tire. BTW they will chew up your lawn if you turn sharp when loading them!! LOL


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