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Thread: Out fished by my kid again... Homer Kings.

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    Default Out fished by my kid again... Homer Kings.

    The bite had slowed down this weekend but there were fish to be had. We fished the incoming tide on Saturday and saw plenty of fish being hooked but we just couldn't connect on the several solid strikes we both had. I manage one as it was getting dark.

    Sunday we fish first light and the outgoing tide. There are bait and great marks everywhere. oth my son and I get whacked a half doen times each but we just can't get them to stick. By lunch time, we have one released shaker to show for all the activity. I love using the silver horde coho killer spoon, but ran and got some green label herring for him hoping the double hook hook rig would be better. Well it was for him. After he limits out, I steal his gear and I still cannot connect after several solid takedowns. Well, most days I lose very few fish, so maybe its just bound to happen. its all the same gr I have run before so it was probably just one of those days.

    The video:

    A few pics:

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    Kudos to you for taking your son fishing . You have obviously made a lasting impression and forged some wonderful memories in the process.
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