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Thread: thermal electric generator?

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    Default thermal electric generator?

    I was wondering if anyone has any knowledge of them. I know alot are with the fan on a wood stove, but I'm wondering about the battery charging style like the devilwatt 100w that is water cooled which will produce hot water on demand. They are expensive but I'm prety sure with two of them you would be easily able to power a small cabin well along with a small solar panel for the summer when your not running your stove as much. Any ideas or knowledge would be helpful before a possible expensive fail.

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    Have you looked at Tellurex products?
    I would like to have something small like that to have for a couple of LED lights (don't need computers when at the property).

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    Those do look pretty slick as well. I'm thinking of using the devillwatt to supply battery charging to a cat battery and then run a inverter off of the battery to run a couple plugs and 120v lights. It is 4.16amps for the output so should keep up with the charging I'm thinking but definatly not posative. I will have to research the ones you posted more being there much cheaper.


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