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Thread: Naptowne Rapids boat accident

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    Default Naptowne Rapids boat accident

    This should be in a boating forum but more people will read it here. I don't have all the details but here is what I know.

    A canoe went down in the rapids this afternoon. The canoe floated by our camp just down stream of the Moose River. We recovered the canoe and 1 lifejacket. At that time were were told by another boat that a guy crawled out up river and they were looking for another. I took my boat up looking, just below the rapids the local rescue boat was coming down and asked me if I saw a guy with a black jacket. As I type this I can hear the helicoptor flying the river looking.

    Just a note to everyone, be safe out there!!

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    Default PFD

    Wear Your PFD!!!!

    Save your drinking for the end of the day then go to bed.


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