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Thread: Hoyt??? Vectrix or Vulcan

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    Question Hoyt??? Vectrix or Vulcan

    Any insight on the new 07 Vectrix or Vulcan.
    Any one shot one or both???
    If you were to choose which one would you choose, and where or whom would you order one from here in AK?
    I have shot hoyt for a long time but have not ordered a new bow since I bought the Smoke, what was that mid 90's????!!??. I really have no experience with the new bows and appreciate any insight on the new Hoyts.
    Thanks, Aaron

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    I personally went with the hoyt vetrix in 80lbs. i chose it over the vulvan for the simple fact of the short amount of brace height on the vucan. Have been shooting the vetrix for about a month now and am loving it. As far as where to get them it depends on where in the state you live. up here in Fairbanks Kings Nock is the place to go, in wasila you can try out Fletchers.
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    If you are in Wasilla go to Fletchers and you can shoot them both.

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    Vectrix.Vulcan is okay if you need to see how fast your arrow will go.But IMO speed bows are good only for one thing.Speed.Vectrix is an all around bow.Fast enough for IBO or ASA,But forgiven enough for hunting .


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