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Thread: lots of bugs in valley and Denali Aug 13-23?

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    Default lots of bugs in valley and Denali Aug 13-23?

    Should expect lots of bugs during this time period or is this usually already too cool for them? Just wondering if i should be prepared (I'll probably bring some deet anyways) and debating whether to invest in a head net or protective clothing etc. I will probably be wearing long sleeves anyways.

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    Always plan for bugs. If you're prepared then all is well. If your not..... your in bad shape.
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    Are bugs usually bad in the valley streams? I know that in Denali around the streams it was bad. Is repellant and long sleeves usually good enough or do u guys use a head net? I don't smoke so cigars are not really an option.

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    I don't know of any place where bugs are NOT bad, unless maybe you're in the city. Go to REI in Anchorage. Get the kind of headnet that has a flexible/collapsible metal loop on the bottom. Wear it over a ball cap. You may not need it, but if you do and you don't have it then you'd wish you did.


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