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    I am starting the planning for our Seattle to Alaska trip next year. I have not really planned an stopping point in Alaska, but am most likely going to boat up and barge back. I am hoping the return trip is considerably less than shipping up. Any experience with this?

    We are planning on 4 weeks from Seattle to our end point. 28' Armstrong (32-33' OAL) twin outboards with about 175-200 mile range with a 20% reserve. That is 16gph and 25mph which is pretty conservative.

    200 miles doesn't buy us much choice in fuel stops, buy it when we can.

    We probably will run quick up to Desolation Sound and then take our time from there. We can hit up closer stuff during shorter trips.

    We won't have a trailer when we get to Alaska, so I am hoping to have a cradle or I have heard the shipping companies will place the boat on large equipment tires and strap down.

    Any thoughts, comments concerns? Alaska is the 50th state for me to visit. So I am trying to do it in a big way. We would take the month of July to make the trip. I am hoping to ship back from Jenaeu

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    I friend of mine uses a low boy flat bed 3 axle trailer andhauls any thing that can be
    Secured on the trailer from Alaskato Washington, Oregonand ?? and back to Alaska.

    If the timing is right he might be able to haul your trailerback to
    Alaska. Either way he couldsecure your boat on the trailer.

    I talked to him about what you want to do and he said hecould do this.
    His name is Robert and his phone is 907-299-3141


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